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KMSpico – Is it Safe to Use?

KMSpico – Is it Safe to Use? Posted on July 11, 2017Leave a comment

kmspico is it safe
Have you become aware of the name “KMSpico” and want to know what this is? We’ll explain it to you. KMSpico is a software that turns a series of Windows products “cracked” or free.
  • According to the law, you are not allowed to use the tool because you are bypassing the copy protection of Windows latest information on Windows 10!
  • If you find the subfolder “KMSpico” in the folder “. ..\%ProgramFiles%\”, the operating system or the installed Office products have been illegally unlocked.
  • In most cases, your sees recognizes the subfolder “KMSpico” and its contained files as malware.
  • If you do not know from which source KMSpico comes from, it is also difficult to tell if the tool is equipped with malicious software. Therefore, you should remove KMSpico.
  • You should download kms from safe website like

Remove KMSpico:

To remove the software, there are several methods. Go through all the points.
  • Follow the instructions below and find the program “KMSpico” in the list you want to uninstall. If this exists, uninstall it.
  • Then shut down the PC and restart it in Safe mode. Learn how to do this on Windows 7 and Windows 8.
  • Open an Explorer window by right-clicking on the Windows Start button. Enter “% Program Files%” in the Address line and confirm the input with a press on the ENTER key.
  • Navigate to the KMSpico folder and delete the folder (if it still exists).
  • Then press the “Windows Key + R” combination. Enter “regedit” in the Address bar and confirm with the ENTER key again.
  • Click to navigate to the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\ Windows\CurrentVersion\ folder. Check the run, RunOnce, and RunServices child directories for entries named “KMSpico”. If you find any, delete them with a right-click.
  • Then go to the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\ directory and check the “Run”, “RunOnce”, “RunOnceEx”, “RunServices”, and “RunServicesOnce” folders for suspicious entries. You can also delete them if necessary.
  • Then start the PC. KMSpico should now be removed from the PC. You may need to reinstall legally purchased Office products.
  • If you want to be completely safe, you should replay windows.

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